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Of course it's always great when you get the opportunity to be shown at an Art Fair or Exhibition. But for me there is also great opportunities in other places. Every time I work with a new showing, in a store or at a gallery I always create unique paintings for that occasion. For me it creates creativity (and sometimes challenges). 

Design Söderköping rätta.jpg

Burton Snowboards Flagshipstore - Stockholm

For this cooperation all the paintings has a subtle or more clear inspiration from Burtons heritage. The Brand was founded in Burlington, Vermont. For me this brand is close to my heart since I have been snowboarding since the early 90:s and also been selling/buying the sam in my previous career.

Duration Late Fall 2022


Street Lab - Malmö

Skateboarding is a big part of my life. Not as a skater but as a "skaters dad". So due to that we have been to Malmö quite often. The skate capital of sweden. If you are in Malmö you have to visit maybe the best skate shop in Sweden - StreetLab. So I am pretty stoked to get the possibility to show my paintings at StreetLab.

Duration Late Fall 2022


My Art Factory - Norrköping

In Norrköping there is a super familiar Gallery on a nice old small street in the city center. Here Suzanne have vernissages, "zip & paints" and many more creative happenings. Its small, friendly and very local. So don't forget to visit this gallery when in Norrköping. You will be happy!

Duration December 2022

IMG_1580 2.JPG
IMG_3957 2.jpg

Design Söderköping - Söderköping

There is a lot beautiful end very picturesque streets in old Söderköping. My hometown. There is also a really great interior design shop. Fopcusing on mostly eco friendly and scandinavian designs. I was super glad when they wanted to sell my paintings. Especially since it's on my own backyard so to say. we will also have micro events where I will be sitting, working on my paintings "live" in the store. A great opportunity to meet a lot of new people. And also if you want something specially made for you!

Duration December 2022


Coming up...

In May 2023 I will have a wall at a store concept in Malmö I am really impressed by - AB Småland. A truly beautiful store, so happy to get this opportunity!

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